Combining Projector Screen Hire and Data Projector Hire – What works?

Need to broadcast your ideas but not sure where to start? Inhouse Audiovisual has a range of projector and screen hire options to suit every need. The two factors to consider when putting together your AV package are the size and brightness of your space. IHAV provides projector and screen hire across Australia, so whether your event is in Melbourne or Sydney, IHAV can deliver the event. Our consultants are also able to help cater to any size event, and can advise the best setup for your needs.


Event Size:
When selecting a projector screen, you need to take into account the size of your event, and remember that the larger the event, the larger your screen will need to be.
Intimate events and small spaces call for a tripod screen and 3000 lumens data projector. Additional to front projection, clients can opt for rear projection when space is tight. This option allows more room for seating, whilst maintaining a great presentation quality. Tripod projector screen hire is optimum for events of up to 100 people.
When working with a large space, consider hiring multiple screens for maximum impact. For larger auditorium spaces that command attention IHAV provides screens as large as 20X11 ft. To view the full range of projector screens available for hire,  click here, or contact us to help you find the best fit.


The Hughenden Boutique Hotel

Small event with 8ft tripod screen


A good rule of thumb when selecting a data projector is to remember that it will be competing with any natural light in the event space, so in order to produce a well-focussed image, brighter rooms will require more powerful projection. In regular lighting conditions, consider a 4500 lumens projector. When working with highly lit areas a 7000 lumens projector will ensure your images and text stay sharp and crisp. A full list of our data projectors can be found here.

SwissHotel Sydney Audio Visual Hire 6

300 pax event using dual fastfold projection screens

You can take advantage of our industry know-how, and select combined data projector and screen hire packages any budget. Submit an enquiry today to help us meet your audiovisual needs.

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