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When it comes to communicating ideas sometimes the simplest tools are often the most effective. This was the case at a recent event at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney, which utilised InHouse Audio Visual’s ability to provide flip chart hire in addition to regular audio visual hire.

The client opted for three flipcharts to use in their presentation and they served as valuable aides in helping the audience stay engaged and as effective tools to help them visualise information. As with other presentation materials, flipcharts are versatile communication instruments and can be used as a whiteboard or with removable flipchart paper.

As opposed to a projector or digital presentation, flipcharts are interactive, physical tools that help the speaker get their point across and the added benefits of mobility and disposability. In terms of flipchart hire in Sydney, InHouse Audio Visual provide their clients with a number of options to help meet the needs and requirements of their event and understand how to get the best out of your venue, location or audience.

We sell flipchart pads of 20 pages along with pens and clients are free to keep the materials that remain after the event. The flipchart sheets themselves can also be torn off via a perforated edge and displayed around the meeting room or other venue. When displayed on a flip chart stand, these sheets become a prominent visual aid and help draw the focus of the audience.

InHouse Audio Visual offer flipchart and easel hire to allow you to make the most of your presentation or event, anywhere in Australia. We also offer electronic whiteboard hire and mobile whiteboard hire, as well as whiteboard markers and whiteboard kits. As with our other products and services, IHAV provide same-day delivery on whiteboards and flipcharts for clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, making us a logical choice regardless of where you are in Australia. Contact an Account Manager to see what presentation setup is best suited to your event.

The client on this occasion was very satisfied with the effectiveness of the flipcharts they hired for the event and said ‘using flipcharts really helped us connect with the audience and communicate with them in a direct, visual way.’

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