Why hire a projector and screen or LED Wall

Do you want to create a memorable event, which will leave your guests captivated long after they leave the venue? The amount of planning and management required to run an event run flawlessly is often taken for granted. But that’s just the beginning. To make your event look professional and provide that WOW factor you need to deliver something remarkable.


A perfect way to stand out is with a spectacular LED Wall or projector and screen, creating a phenomenal audio and video experience which has to be seen to be believed.


Previously, LED wall technology was so expensive and complicated that it was only possible for large budget major events. However, due to technological advancements, the costs have decreased, making it more accessible. A LED Wall provides the perfect backdrop for any event, including a conference, exhibition, fundraiser, community event, or music festival.


Hiring a projector and screen or LED wall offers a huge amount of benefits, such as:

1. Say It With Video

A picture says a thousand words, while video reveals the full story!


Video walls allow you to present information, static images, or video to either educate, entertain or attract your audience.


Ranging from a music concert which needs a screen for people to see the action from the bleacher seats, to an exhibition where you want to capture the attention of passerbys.


Whatever the occasion, a LED video wall allows you to visually communicate with your audience in a memorable, engaging, and appealing way which will have their undivided attention.

2. Customize It!

A major benefit when hiring a LED video wall is that it can be fully customised to your exact requirements. You no longer need to compromise or settle for less. Choose the right shape and size, and then it can be built to meet your exact specifications.


As many different modules comprise the wall, it is possible to customise each panel. Doing so allows you the choice to either display one large video, some smaller videos or images, or a combination between the two.

3. Display in Even The Brightest Outdoor Environments

LED walls are perfect for when you are having an outdoor event in the middle of the day during summer. However, the sun is shining down, and creating the brightest environment possible. Glare often reduces visibility making it near impossible to see any visual displays in bright environments.


However, with the latest breakthrough technology, a LED video wall can be used in any situation. It’s possible to adjust the brightness to make the screen display perfectly. Using a combination of Nits, Lumens, and Brightness, the screens can deliver a spectacular impact on the audience, at any time of day, or night.

4. High Resolution, Flawless Display

LED Walls provide high quality, dynamic resolution, which is highly reliable and won’t break down during the climax of your event. The walls look amazing from a distance, up close, or at an angle, allowing the audience to have an optimum viewing experience no matter their position in the venue.

5. Technical Support

Confused by LED wall technology? Relax knowing that if you hire a LED video wall for your event a professional corporate audio visual hire business will take care of the technical side for you, including setup and installation.


Professional and experienced staff are also on hand during the event to provide support in the unlikely scenarios something goes wrong.  So sit back, enjoy the event, and be marvelled by the display along with your guests, knowing that the video wall is in safe hands.

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