Customisable LED video walls to suit any type of event

Do you have an upcoming event, and want to stand out, make an impression, and create memories which will leave your crowd in awe? Customisable LED videos help to add to the atmosphere of the event.


LED video walls provide a sharper, smoother, and brighter image output while being able to provide a more dependable, adaptable, and efficient option than projectors. With the many advantages LED video provides over outdated projectors, they are fast becoming the industry standard for any event, as they provide the best viewing experience both during the day and at night. 

What is a LED Video Wall?

LED video walls are lightweight panels which are 1000 mm x 500 mm in size and can be configured to suit any event type, ranging from a dark nightclub to an open-air daytime music festival. The brightness can be adjusted to work with any environment.


Due to the technological advancements, LED video walls can deliver flawless images, which can be scalable to any shape or size. Also, the optimal characteristics of the video walls allow the images to look great from a distance, up close, and from any angle.


A LED video wall is extremely reliable and offers a dynamic and high-resolution display to create an incredible experience your guests will never forget. They also have a noise-free and fanless design which brings the video experience into the digital age.

LED Video Walls For Every Occasion

LED walls have a variety of uses, and have exploded in popularity in recent times, due to them being able to be used in both an indoor and outdoor setting. They provide an immaculate backdrop for exhibitions, live events, and product launches.


LED Video Walls are great for uses such as:


– Stage backdrops

– Digital banners

– Indoor and outdoor signage displays

– Social Media Walls (which is a feed of live or aggregated social media posts from social sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)

– Activations and Promotions

Customised To Your Event

Why settle for just one design or shape? A LED video wall allows you to be as creative and innovative as you want, and can visually be configured to bring your vision to life. As LED video walls are lightweight panels which are modular, they can be set up in any custom shape and layout you wish, giving you an infinite number of choices. They can even be curved and designed to suit any space.

Lighting Requirements

Video walls enhance the overall experience of any event, but it’s still important to choose the right product for the absolute best visual performance available and to make sure your guests receive an unforgettable experience.


It is important to take into account things such as pixel pitch, viewing distance, panel dimensions, as well as NITS, Lumens, and Brightness. Due to the complexity involved, it can be extremely difficult and confusing to select the right configurations if you have no prior knowledge. Luckily, an expert can help.

Professional Assistance From Experts

With so many different options and configurations, the possibilities are endless and trying to make sense of everything can be like learning a foreign language.


For an enhanced experience, it’s best to consult a corporate audio visual hire business who can discuss your requirements, and offer solutions which have been tailored to meet your ideas and the venue layout, while ensuring your event run flawlessly and is a total success.


An experienced technician can work closely with you from beginning to end, to help select the perfect arrangement of the LED video wall which will be sure to leave an impression on your guests.

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