Flipchart Hire Case Study – Quartet Ultima Flip Chart Easel

When it comes to flipcharts and whiteboards, there are a number of considerations that are useful to keep in mind when choosing which product best suits your needs for flipchart hire. As communication tools, flipcharts and whiteboards offer a huge advantage in terms of mobility, ease of use, and versatility and these are all things InHouse Audio Visual have taken into account when selecting which products to offer our clients.


One such example is the Quartet Ultima Easel, a high quality and reliable whiteboard and flipchart option and one of the many options offered by InHouse Audio Visual in terms of flip chart hire. It boasts a 66cm by 86cm melamine dual-sided screen surface, giving users a large writing surface that can also be dry erased. It also features a top clip to hold flipchart pads, and the angle can be adjusted to enhance visibility, regardless of location or audience.


The Quartet Ultima Easel also folds up to allow convenient transportation and effective storage, making it a highly mobile and versatile visual tool for offices, meeting rooms as well as larger events. It has an adjustable height of up to 178cm and modern metal frame that’s both lightweight and durable. It’s one of many professional products offered by InHouse Audio Visual designed to help facilitate an engaging, visually-oriented presentation that allows for convenient use and customisation.


Whether you’re after flipchart hire in Sydney or Melbourne or easel hire in Brisbane, IHAV can provide professional standard equipment to help you get the most out of your presentation or event. Along with the flipcharts and whiteboards themselves, we also offer a range of convenient related consumables, such as flipchart pads, whiteboard markers and whiteboard kits that allow you to get the most out of your whiteboard or flip chart hire.


As with all our products and services, we offer same-day delivery on whiteboards and flipcharts in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, so if you’re planning an event or presentation or considering flipchart and whiteboard hire, feel free to call one of our account managers to find out the perfect setup for your needs.

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