Flipchart & Whiteboard Hire to enhance your presentation

Flip chart Hire at the Menzies Hotel

At the heart of any good presentation or event is the ability to successfully keep your audience engaged and help ensure your message is clearly received. In terms of achieving this goal, visual tools such as flipcharts and whiteboards remain highly useful.

Whilst projectors and PA system hire are popular options for large events or conferences, using them in partnership with whiteboard hire or flip chart hire can further help in keeping the audience engaged and focused as they provide a greater level of interactivity and a hands-on presentation style.

Flip charts can be used as whiteboards, or attached with a pad of flip chart sheet paper, to allow a speaker to visually communicate their ideas with the audience and demonstrate in an interactive manner. They have an advantage over more stationary forms of visual aids, such as projectors, in that they can be moved around and easily changed as well as the ability to be shared directly with the audience. Our flip chart sheets are perforated, meaning they can be removed from the flipchart and displayed around the office or event venue and are easily disposable.

Our clients often choose to make use of flipcharts alongside InHouse Audio Visual’s live filming and vision mixing services, or combine them with our impressive range of conference hire packages, all of which further facilitate their speakers in getting their point across and achieving great results.

Our flip chart and whiteboard hire options also come with the ability to hire various related consumables, such as whiteboard pens, markers and flipchart pads, which add even more customizability and left over materials can be kept by the client after the event.

If you’re planning an event or presentation and are in the market for flip chart hire, flip chart paper or whiteboards in Sydney or anywhere else in the country, chances are InHouse Audio Visual have the answers. We offer same-day delivery on our impressive range of audio visual equipment hire in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney and understand the powerful role flip charts and whiteboards can have in engaging audiences.

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