Hire Data Projector – Consider the display Resolution variations 4:3 vs 16:9 or 16:10?

Hire Data Projector – Resolutions and what you need to know.

This is one of the most common questions we get about HD projector rental.  Understanding monitor formats and resolutions are important when choosing screen hire with a data projector, or plasma and lcd hire.

The resolution is measured on the number of pixels in the display, so for example 1280×720 represents 1280 pixels in height and 720 pixels in width or a total of 921,600 pixels. Generally the more pixels, the more expensive the display, because of the greater picture quality. FOr the many different options of Data Projector Hire, visit our Data Projector Product Page


Different Display Resolution of Projector Screens

Resolution in Plasmas, LCDs and LEDs

The video content you watch on TV, whether its regular programming, DVD, or HDTV, has its own resolution. So if you are watching a dvd in a lower pixel format such as 4:3, the plasmas native resolution is up converting the signal so it will display in its native format which is likely to be 1920 x 1080 for a HD monitor.  Almost all incoming signals to a plasma TV are either down-converted or up-converted depending on the source.


Projector Resolution

When hiring a data projector consider the resolution of the data projector as this can impact the quality of your presentation. Data projectors have either XGA (1024 x 768), WXGA ( 1280 x 800), or HD (1920 x 1080) resolutions which is a fixed resolution.  So regardless of the signal coming in e.g: from a laptop the hire data projector can only present in its native resolution.

Hire Data Projector

What does this mean exactly?

If your laptop is the latest HD (1920 x 1080) signal pushing to an older XGA (1024 x 768) data projector the image that the data projector receives needs to be shrunk down so the information can output to the native resolution of the hired data projector.

However at Inhouse AV we stock all different resolutions including the lasted HD models to suit all sources. Enquire within for more information.


List of resolutions below

List of 4:3 Monitor Resolutions

Resolution – Aspect ratio













List of 16:9 Widescreen Resolutions

Resolution – Aspect ratio







List of 16:10 Widescreen Resolutions

Resolution – Aspect ratio







Hire Data Projector

Brighten your next presentation with a crystal clear high definition Data Projector. Our Hire Data Projector and Screen Hire range will suit any Events, Exhibitions, Conferences, Gala Dinners and Special Occasions with all our Data Projectors offering the commonly available outputs to display your presentation in its selected format.  Our range of Hire brands include Panasonic, Epson and Christie to name a few.

Providing  delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, our extensive range of Data Projectors ensure whatever message you’re trying to convey is delivered clearly and seamlessly…every time. With high brightness projectors for large, well lit environments, & low brightness projectors for smaller rooms we have the perfect Data Projector to suit your event needs. 


Interested in learning more?

When Combining Projector Screen Hire and Data Projector Hire find out What works and what doesn’t.

Need to broadcast your ideas but not sure where to start? Inhouse Audiovisual has a variety of projector and screen rental options to suit every need. The two things to consider when thinking about an AV package are the size and brightness of your area. IHAV provides projector and screen hire in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, so whether your event is in regional Victoria or NSW, IHAV can deliver the event. Our technicians are also able to help cater to any size event, and can advise the most appropriate setup for your needs.


Event Size:
When selecting a projector screen, you need to take into account the size of your event, and remember that the larger the event, the larger your screen will need to be.
Intimate events and reduced spaces call for a tripod screen and 3000 lumens hire data projector. Additional to front projection, clients can request rear projection when space is limited. This option allows more room for seating, while maintaining  great presentation quality. Tripod projector screen hire is optimum for events of up to 100-120 people.
When working with a large space, consider hiring multiple screens for maximum visual impact. For larger auditorium spaces that command attention IHAV provides screens as large as 20X11 ft. To view the full range of projector screens available for hire,  click here.

A good rule when choosing a hire data projector is to remember that it will be competing with any natural light in the event space, so in order to produce a well-focused image, brighter rooms will require more powerful projection. In regular lighting conditions, consider a 4500 lumens projector. When working with areas flooded with light, a 7000 lumens projector will ensure your images and text stay sharp and crisp. for more information visit our hire data projector page.

You can take advantage of our industry know-how, and select combined data projector and screen hire packages any budget. Submit an enquiry today to help us meet your audiovisual needs.


Simplifying Audio Visual is our motto and at Inhouse Audio Visual that is what we strive to do for all our clients.  Providing a seamless package Australia- Wide is just the start of our company vision.  Our packages are designed to keep budgets in mind, regardless of venue specifications, location or staff requirements.  Every event we put on from concept to completion is managed by one account manager.  This account manager is highly experienced and capable of last minute changes.

With over 10 years in the audio visual business, IHAV are more than ever dedicated and determined to produce quality events for all our clients.  Our qualified staff know to greet any issue with a smile and understand communication and professionalism are key to the success of any event.

Our clients vary like our equipment range. From event companies to government organisations and schools, we cater to all industries with our professional industry standard equipment.

So why not contact the team at Inhouse Audio Visual on 1300 669 235 and get a cost effective quote for your one event or calender of events in Australia.



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