Microphone Hire – What Type of Microphone Do I Need?

When it comes to PA system hire, choosing a microphone is as important as any other aspect of the audio setup. Given the large variety of microphone hire options and the different roles each offer, picking the right microphone hire is vital to ensuring your message is communicated effectively.

The choice of microphone hire depends on the event type and the needs of the presenters and speakers themselves, as different people have different speaking styles that require particular audio setups and PA hire options.


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Lectern or Table Microphone – A lectern mic may be most appropriate for speeches that will be performed from a stationary position, such as at a conference or hotel. It will give the audience a fixed point of focus during the event and the speaker arrangement and audio mixing process easier. It also allows the presenter to keep their hands free during their speech.


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Wireless Lapel Microphone – A small microphone that clips onto clothing and is attached to a battery-powered transmitter and receiver that can be attached to the speaker’s belt. A lapel mic is suitable for presentations in which the speaker needs mobility, wants to walk around on stage and keep their hands free. It is also ideal for when the microphone needs to be hidden from view.


Wireless Handheld Microphone – A popular choice for most live audio presentations, the wireless handheld mic is powered by batteries and comes with a separate receiver. It has low handling noise, making it ideal for events where the microphone will be moved or passed around, such as a Q&A type event or live music performance.


Wireless Headset Microphone – A convenient mic that offers complete freedom of movement and avoids the risk of contact with clothing that comes with a lapel mic, as well as better sound quality. It also gives presenters the ability to keep their hands free and allows for more dramatic movement. It is also skin-coloured to make it less obtrusive and visible to the audience.

InHouse Audio Visual provide an extensive range of industry standard microphone options, meaning we have the right choice for your requirements. Our microphones can be paired together with any PA system hire to best suit your event. We specialize in gala dinners, meetings, conferences and many other event types, so if you’re looking for audio hire we have the perfect solution, whatever the occasion.

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