Why Do I Need an Audio Mixer with my PA Hire?

Audio hire is a specialized field that requires an intimate understanding of sound and dynamics. Live events rely on sound quality to communicate with their audience and an audio mixer is a helpful and valuable tool in helping achieve clarity of message.

Audio mixers are primarily use to adjust sound levels and outputs during live audio events, such as concerts, conferences and other important occasions. They allow a skilled sound operator to control and tweak sound on the fly and are very useful for any complicated or professional live event.

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12 channel audio mixer


Audio mixers are able to adjust microphone and speaker levels to best suit the size and shape of the venue, as well as the size and location of the audience. They give operators dynamic options in adapting to different audio conditions or developments and can be used to achieve great sound quality regardless of the venue or event type.

They can also be used to control multiple inputs throughout the event, such as wireless microphones, lapel mics, as well as lectern and table mics. If your event has multiple presenters or different presentation mediums, an audio mixer may be crucial in maintaining a consistent sound quality throughout.

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Operations Desk where technician controls the event


With the many options available in terms of microphone hire, an audio mixer is vital to ensuring you get the most out of your audio setup and giving your presentation the best chance of getting its message across.

InHouse Audio Visual also hire professional and experienced sound operators to control the audio mixers. Audio mixers require a significant knowledge of the qualities of sound to use and we can provide this level of understanding to help you throw a quality event.

Choosing to use an audio mixer is just one of the many decisions to be made when looking at PA system hire. For more information on what PA system make be best for your event, click here 


InHouse Audio Visual have over a decade’s worth of experience in providing professional audio visual solutions for clients throughout Australia. So if you’re in the market for PA system hire in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or elsewhere in the country, check out our extensive range of services.

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