Need Stage Hire? Book a Catwalk stage for your next launch


 Every event is different, and when you need to hire a stage, the team at Inhouse Audio can cater to your specific event needs. When you consult with our trained professionals, you can be sure that we bring years of insight and can deliver tailored package options to suit any budget.

Want to introduce some audience interaction into your next event? Catwalk staging rentals are a versatile choice which can immerse the viewer in your product. While traditional stage setups only allow for one fixed viewing perspective, a catwalk stage is a great way to invite your audience into the world of your next fashion show, product launch or brand activation.


As seating can be placed all around the T shaped frame of the stage, the audience is allowed a 360 degree view of your product. No matter where patrons are seated, they’ll be treated to a unique viewpoint that allows interaction and engagement with your bespoke content. You’ll want your product to look superb from every angle, and the addition of lighting hire throughout the area is a great way to ensure a flattering and even cast of light.

Our catwalk stage hire options are regularly hired in sizes, although many more options are available. A small size stage covers a square area of 3.6×4.8 and is comprised of two 1.2×1.8m panels placed perpendicular to each other in a “T” configuration. This option works well when there will be few people onstage at once. Our larger stage option covers a square area of 7.2×6.6 m. The main corridor features a double-width walkway, so it can accommodate a circuit of models throughout the stage area.


The beauty of the catwalk stage is that it encourages movement throughout its length. With such dynamism, it’s beneficial to consider your range of microphone options. Inhouse Audiovisual can offer stationary microphones and stands which work well with lectern hire. If you want to take advantage of moving through the catwalk area, wireless lapel-style options are preferable as the speaker is not limited to a fixed point on the stage. Large seating areas might call for the addition of projector and screen hire: if you’re filming your event, this option allows for detail and close-up shots to be projected for the benefit of all throughout the venue.

No matter where you are, whether you need Sydney stage hire or event stage hire in Melbourne, Inhouse Audiovisual is in demand Australia-wide! Let us come to you and make your next event unforgettable. Contact the team on 1300 669 235.

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