Front or Rear Projection

When hiring a professional fast fold, you have the option to choose from front projection – where the projector is placed a few metres in front of the screen or rear projection where the projector is placed behind the screen. Why the two options?


Where space is limited, hiring a screen with rear projection is a great option as more delegates can utilise the seating directly in front of the projector rather than wasting space with a table for the projector to sit upon.


Both rear projection or front projection can be used with either a short throw data projector where the distance the projector sits to the screen is ‘short’ or minimal. If space is not an issue, a traditional long throw data projector can be hired, as this sits 3 to 4 metres in front of the screen.



For more advice on hiring a data projector in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, call head office on 1300 669 235.

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