Projector screen Hire – A guide to hiring the correct size


Before booking a projector screen hire, ensure you speak to the venue where your event will be to check the ceiling height.
It is also a great idea to leave some clearance between the top of the screen and the ceiling to avoid touching things in the ceiling that might be in the way such as sprinklers and lights.

If you have an audience of 1-50 people, our 6ft or 8ft tripod screens are perfect for the job.
For audiences of 50-200 people, our 10ft x 7ft Fastfold screens will be more visible for people sitting further away from the screen.
Screen sizes from 12ft x 9ft and above may not fit inside some rooms, please check with your venue of choice before hiring anything of these sizes.
Generally, tripod screens suit small rooms with smaller audiences and Fastfold screens are perfect for those who are looking for a professional look as they come with a full black drape surround.  Setup alongside a black drapeline, fast fold screen hire is typically used at conferences, gala dinners or special events.

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