What is a Camera Riser?

Booking professional stage hire is the first step to creating a quality event. Guests and delegates will appreciate the sense of professionalism it lends, and you can rest easy knowing that Inhouse Audiovisual provides a comprehensive range of services Australia-wide.


“Inhouse Audio really go the extra mile with their services. They walked me through a range of event recording options, and really cared about finding the best option for my needs. My recordings have a high level of clarity which I couldn’t have achieved on my own.”


When you’ve gone to the effort of organising your event, you want to make sure that your recordings are of the best quality too. When you hire a stage, why not consider the addition of a camera riser? Camera risers are small 1.2 m squared pieces of stage which can be placed at the back of a venue for recording purposes. Much the same way that raked seating in cinemas allows people in the back a clear view to the screen, a camera riser elevates recording equipment above ground level. A camera riser can be placed at 300, 600 or 900mm high to give the cameraman a higher perspective, ensuring that any wandering guests remain out of the camera shot.


Winning Appliances


Like all our event stage hire, camera risers can be booked with the addition of unobtrusive black skirting, which is recommended for taller set ups. We can also provide you with additional extras like steps as needed.

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Perhaps your function, conference or party is drawing nearer and you haven’t had the time to think about event recording. Not to worry, Inhouse Audiovisual can take care of that too. We can capture your event using the latest technology, and even provide live event streaming to broadcast your content around the globe! Whether you’re recording for posterity or training purposes, Inhouse Audiovisual has you covered. Other event companies might offer stage hire in Sydney, Brisbane and other capital cities, but customers choose us because we can offer consistent and expedient services right around Australia. Our pricing is competitive and our service is unparalleled. 


Talk to one of our friendly staff today, and help us put together an audiovisual package for your next event.

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