Is LCD screen Hire the same as a foldback monitor?


Behind any great presentation or event there is a high level of preparation and organization that goes into making it work. One of the best ways to ensure your next event goes smoothly is to make use of foldback monitors  which help coordinate your speakers and allow things to go on without a hitch. Essentially a foldback monitor is a visual screen at front of stage that is a small LCD screen.

A foldback monitor is a small LCD or LED screen generally placed off-stage or at the front of the stage which is used to communicate information to the speaker. They are generally controlled by the ops desk and can be programmed to display whatever the speaker wants to see and are therefore highly useful for any event with multiple speakers or varied presentation formats. Furthermore, the monitor screens can be used to transmit important live information or notes to the speaker from another team member, which can only be seen by them.

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This may mean keeping the speaker on time via a countdown clock or even showing them the playback of a video or slide presentation to keep them on track. This has the added benefit of saving them from having to turn away from the audience and follow it on the big screen, meaning they can concentrate on audience engagement and effective presentation.

Foldback monitors are extremely handy and versatile presentation aides and will suit events and conferences where time management and coordination are important. As well as allowing real time communication with your speaker, they are small and unobtrusive, meaning they will not affect the audience’s view in any way. The key to successfully conveying your message is through clear and professional presentation and foldback monitors are one of the best ways to ensure this is the case.

When it comes to TV hire at InHouse Audio Visual, foldback monitors are one of many options we offer to help enhance and streamline your presentation. Regardless of your event type, location or budget, our small and big screen hire options will be able to meet your needs. Whether you’re after LCD screen hire in Sydney, TV hire in Brisbane or any of our other audio visual products and services, we can offer same-day delivery to help simplify the process and give your presentation the latest in industry-standard equipment.

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