There’s not many brands more exclusive than Christie Digital when it comes to sourcing high end AV equipment. The brand has a history of achievements that include over 28 industry awards, 12 patents and more than 40 AV industry ‘first’ products hitting the selves. Inhouse AV are happy to tell the nation that we too stock Christie Digital gear. Everything from 3D advanced visualisation equipment to control room and video walls can be found at Inhouse AV.

3D AV equipment 

When our clients demand the highest resolution possible, super fast fame rates and image quality that’s crystal clear, we usher them towards our 3D stereoscopic equipment manufactured by Christie Digital. We always get our hands on the latest equipment first, to ensure our clients are never disappointed. Our Christie Mirage Series provides our clients with the world’s first 4K resolution 3-chip DLP projector, that will be hard to find in the stores of our competitors. It’s truly one of the best projectors on the market, and it’s sitting in our warehouse waiting to blow our clients minds.

Quad HD LCD Panels

Didn’t we tell you earlier that Christie Digital were innovators? The Quad HD LCD panels we provide are as big as 84 inches, and display the sharpest picture you will ever see in your life. It’s fully customisable to it’s surroundings and can be placed on various stands, walls or be left free standing. The LCD panel is fully functional with other devices allowing users to quickly connect and upload content onto the display. Where else could you get a LCD panel that produces four times as many pixels as the best standard 1080p HD screen in the world? It might be almost impossible without coming to Inhouse AV.

Why we use them

Christie Digital are pioneers in the AV world and continually produce cutting-edge equipment, all of which gets passed on to us. Inhouse AV are one of the top AV suppliers in the country, how else could we maintain that status without continually sourcing the best AV equipment we can find? Our Christie Digital range includes:

  • 3D visualization projectors
  • Image processors
  • Quad HD LCD panels
  • Cinema AV
  • Simulation
  • And much more

Founded in 1929, Christie Digital has been dominating the display technology industry for decades. There products cater for businesses and corporations, entertainment, media, medical and education and training. If you would like to know more about the brilliant Christie Digital equipment we stock at Inhouse AV, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call to find out more.