From its beginning, Crown International has transformed from a small time business into one of the world’s biggest and most respected AV brands on the planet. Everything from manufacturing speakers, microphones to power amplifiers, Crown are up there with the best, supplying the professional audio market with quality equipment for decades. Recognising this, Inhouse AV now hires out several top Crown products to all our clients nationwide.

Harman and Crown 

In 2000 Harman International bought out Crown, and ever since then they have gone from strength to strength. Together they have come up with several innovations that have pleased the professional AV world, these include the CTs Series amplifier and the IQ System that is now known as the IQ Network. Inhouse AV knows the advantages it has working with innovative brands like Crown, not only do we get the best equipment first, but we are able to pass them on to our clients who otherwise may never have the opportunity.

Innovations in the past 5 years 

In the last 5 years alone, Crown have manufactured some awesome products, they include the I-TECH HD Series, XLS DriveCore in several models, the XTi2 Series and the much more recent new DriveCore Install series. These products have been used by the likes of Robin Thicke, Gotye, Adele and The Black Eyed Peas. Even in this day and age, when there’s several brands all competing against each other for a small piece of the market, Crown continue year after year to manufacture superb AV that’s used by the best in the business. And now you too can get your hands on everything thanks to Inhouse AV.

Why we use Crown  

It becomes quite apparent that Crown have a passionate relationship with the professional AV industry and they strive to produce more than just great products. They truly want to push their manufacturing capabilities to the limit and see what’s possible, and Inhouse AV want to be apart of that. Crown create products in several AV categories, they include:

  • Cinema and theatre
  • Tour sound
  • Microphones
  • Network products
  • Amplifiers
  • Commercial audio
  • Install sound
  • And much more

Crown begin its journey in 1947, and for 5 decades have been producing amazing products. From its earlier days of creating vacuum tube tape recorders, they are now leading the way with the world’s best amplifiers and audio network equipment. So whether you need something for a small party or function, to a full scale event or festival, contact us today and see what our Crown range can do for you.