DBX is a pro audio manufacturer who specialise in designing audio equipment. The brand is best known for their dbx noise reduction systems, that use advanced compression techniques to records audio tracks along with symmetric expansion when the track is then played back. Inhouse AV now gives our clients the opportunity to hire out several of our own fantastic DBX products at rock bottom prices.

Compressors and amplifiers

When AV connoisseurs are discussing compressors and amplifiers, they always mention DBX who arguably create the best products in AV for that niche. Their first ever compressor was released in 1976, and took the world by storm. Since then, DBX have made several innovative changes, including an overeasy compression and pro noise reduction cards to improve the clarity of sound during performance.

The mission statement of DBX is “To get closer to the realism of a live performance”. It may of taken them a few decades to achieve, but they are right where they wanted to be, DBX equipment can be found in all major music studios and many live events. The pros want crystal clear sound, efficient and reliable equipment which is what they get with DBX.

Why we use them 

A brand that is run by the Harmen group, everybody in the industry knows the importance and respect the DBX brand deserves. To keep our clients happy and to be the nationwide leader of supplying AV equipment toAustralia, it’s our duty to stock brands such as DBX on our shelves to give consumers the best. Whether our clients need a DriveRack that works on allOSs, DBX compression kits that have graphic EQ and subharmonic synthesis, they know that they can come to Inhouse AV and get the very best of the DBX range.

DBX were originally founded in 1971, and have slowly plodded along to be a giant within the industry. They primarily manufacture compressors, crossovers and loudspeaker management systems, that can now be found at Inhouse AV. We are proud to have the DBX product line on our shelves and believe they will only add to our already amazing equipment range. If you have any questions or would like to know more, feel free to send us an email or give us a call, our expert staff are always happy to help.