When it comes to office equipment or hardware, there’s not a more trusted brand in the computer industry than Hewlett Packard (HP). At Inhouse AV, we use several HP branded products as a part of our own office range, because we know the quality they provide. Everything from large organisations who require equipment for their networks, to small businesses and homeowners, HP has an extensive product range to suits all needs. Our clients range from homeowners to large corporations, so it makes sense for us to be in a close partnership with HP.

Desktop solutions 

We have all been there, setting up a new desktop computer with a printer and scanner, only to have them not communicate with each other and throw up error after error. HP products are created to seamlessly work other HP products (they work with most brands), and are mostly plug and play. No more hassle of finding the correct drivers or spending hours troubleshooting. Our clients don’t require to be IT masters when they hire our computer gear, we stock the most user friendly equipment we can find, to give our clients a stress-free experience.

Do you need two, three, or four monitors attached to one device? Our HP monitor range covers everything from smaller more compact 20” screens, to bigger 26”+ screens that have full-HD and support several inputs. It’s no secret that HP produce some of the best desktop monitors in the world, and as leaders in the AV industry, we have a duty to supply them to our clients.

Customer service 

It can be frustrating dealing with any customer service enquiry, but HP have made it easy for our users. Some of our clients who operate older computer equipment can still take advantage of all our HP range, by downloading for free the latest drivers on their company website.  There’s no fees or expensive equipment needed to use new HP products with older systems. Along with a customer support hotline, HP offers all our clients an online troubleshooting knowledge base and support forums to ask questions they may have of a particular hired product. All our clients are in safe hands with HP, and we wouldn’t want them to be anywhere else.

Why we use HP?

Founded way back in 1939, HP have over seven decades of experience operating in this environment. An innovator in the computer and peripheral industry for decades, with amazing equipment, it only makes logical sense for Inhouse AV to supply clients with the HP product brand. Whether you need laptops, tablets or desktops computers, monitors to computer peripherals for hire, come on in to Inhouse AV, and let one of our AV experts help you out today.