Jands are the all in one brand for clients who require staging and lighting equipment, first class audio and communication systems. Jands have been manufacturing, building and helping customers operate lighting and staging equipment for over four decades. And now, Inhouse AV are happy to announce that our clients too can enjoy and hire out equipment and lighting accessories from the Jands equipment range.

Staging solutions 

Schools, theatres, exhibitions, events and convention centres are all areas Inhouse AV can help you out with, our equipment can be tailored for pretty much any sort of event. We picked Jands not only for their resourceful equipment range, but because their staging gear is in line with all health and safety standards, and designed with that in mind.

Not too many brands know lighting as well as Jands, they cover everything from simple dimming lights, to data splitters and roobars for bigger events. Whether you need electronic LED lighting for a party or lighting control boxes for a theatre or show, contact us today and see what Inhouse AV can do for you.

Professional audio products 

The Jands motto when it come to audio is your sound system is only as good as its weakest link, with Inhouse AV and Jands, you won’t have a weak link. Cutting corners to produce cheaper less effective equipment is not how Jands operates, they are known for renowned performance, reliability and leaders of AV. Everything from their branded microphones, amplifiers and digital mixing consoles are the best in the business. Inhouse AV recognises that Jands stands behind every piece of equipment it sells with confidence, and it’s why we stock them.

Why we use Jands

Jands is an Australian owned company and Inhouse AV loves working with nationwide businesses. They manufacture and distribute the world’s most recognised staging and lighting equipment in the world, and that’s something we now want to provide our clients. They provide:

  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Staging
  • Personal listening
  • Communication systems
  • AV/IQAustralia

Founded in 1970, with several manufacturing facilities in Australia and over 120 Australian employed workers, we are proud to tell all our clients that we stock Jands equipment in all of our nationwide stores.