When our procurement team sources home audio speakers, subwoofers, or industry quality headphones, they seek only to find the best equipment on the market. With many years of operating in the AV industry, we have come across many brands that have come and gone, but we have stayed loyal to JBL due to their outstanding product range and top quality equipment. JBL have been in business for several years and each time we test their products, time after time they pass our meticulous quality control testing with flying colours.

Speakers for any occasion 

Inhouse AV understands the problems people face when hosting a house party or organising a wedding, only to have poor quality speakers that are either too quiet, or contain so much fuzz and background noise that it becomes impossible for anybody to here what is being said or being played. Thankfully, by using any of the JBL speakers we stock in our warehouse, Inhouse AV clients never deal with such problems.

We have tested out products such as the ES90BK floor standing speaker to guarantee to our clients that the sound quality goes above and beyond their expectations. The ES90BK is a magnetically shielded speaker that can be used in close proximity with other electrical devices without interfering with them. Like we said, we only stock the best.

The ultimate DJ experience 

For an up and coming DJ, nothing can ruin your set more than having sub-par equipment that fails to bring your music to life. We hire out to many DJs who work at parties to nightclubs and we have yet to here a negative complaint. Everything from our JBL J88i headphones that were designed with a gold-plated jack and can work with all inputs, to our JBL branded speakers and sub-woofers that have been carefully reviewed by our team before stocking on our shelves. We test all our products to ensure they do what they claim on the box, and again before hiring out.

Why do we use JBL? 

When deciding on buying a new product line we focus solely on one thing, quality. Having the second or third best speakers is not how we operate at Inhouse AV. Whenever someone sees a product on our shelves with the JBL logo attached to it, they know exactly what they will be getting and can hire with confidence. A brand that has stood the test of time and continues to create top quality products, all of which we stock proudly.

JBL products have been used in many prestigious events includingWoodstock, the Super Bowl, and even the 2002 FIFA World Cup. With over six decades of being in the audio industry, and passing our extremely high reviews and testing phases, JBL has proudly made its way into our warehouse nationwide.