König & Meyer is one of the few AV brands that have managed to make their way onto our prestige warehouse shelves, which is quite the feet. A brand that is known throughout the world to create innovate equipment of the upmost quality, is why we are proud to say that Inhouse AV stocks the König & Meyer brand. Specialising purely for musicians, they design various types of stands, benches, stools and many more accessories. If you’re a serious musician, you needn’t look further than Inhouse AV for all your equipment and stage gear.

A green company 

The main focus of Inhouse AV is to stay the industry leader in hiring out the most impeccable AV equipment that is available on the market. However, we have not overlooked our environmental responsibilities and the way our brands conduct the manufacturing of their products. König & Meyer have been awarded the Environmental Prize of Baden-Württemberg, due to their environment-based management and the promoting of environment protection.

König & Meyer produce outstanding products while minimising waste and material usage , which Inhouse AV look upon with great regard.

Setting the standards for music 

Our clients only deserve the best, and with König & Meyer that is exactly what they get. We have compared their products with other brands that offer similar product lines, but most fail to match up to the König & Meyer standard. We test and review everything from their microphones & speaker stands, to each individual seat and stool to see if they pass our criteria. After inspecting all items that pass through our doors, we come to the conclusion that König & Meyer are the real deal. Giving our customers anything less would not be acceptable to our standards or our clients.

Why we use König & Meyer?

With more than sixty years of manufacturing history, and solely focusing on creating music stands, stools, benches, rods, and desks for the music industry, Inhouse AV knew König & Meyer was the only option in sourcing such equipment for our clients. We take pride in offering our clients the best of the best, this includes everything from a fully loaded speaker set for huge venues, to the smaller items that include a stool or a microphone stand, you will only get the best when you hire out with Inhouse AV. We leave no stone unturned, and have been called perfectionists many times for wanting only the best products in our warehouse, regardless how small of a function they may play.

A family run business that provides not only top quality products, but is environmentally friendly, and manages to meet our scrupulous testing process. We are proud to put König & Meyer products on our shop floor, knowing our clients are going to get the best products they could get their hands on.