Kramer Electronics are a well known brand within the electronics industry and have manufactured more than 1,000 individual products. The brands mission statement is similar to our own at Inhouse AV, they aim to develop and share creative, reliable and value-orientated audiovisual equipment, and to distribute it worldwide. Kramer have followed this methodology for over 3 decades and are now at the top of their game. Recognising this, we are proud to tell our clients that they too can now hire out Kramer equipment directly from Inhouse AV.

Research and development 

Manufacturing over 1,000 products isn’t an easy feet, Kramer use a systematic approach in the creation of all their equipment, they go through extensive research and development along with taking user and customer feedback onboard to tweak and improve their products. This is what separates Kramer from other lesser quality brands, they are always thinking ahead listening and acting on the feedback given by their customers. The end result is top of the line AV gear that we supply to our clients on a daily basis.

A brand the world trusts 

Kramer are so confident in the build quality of all of their products that they offer a seven-year warranty on all Kramer equipment, this includes paying for parts and labour costs involved. Every two minutes a Kramer product is sold somewhere in the world, with several offices located across the globe. They design products for industries including military, corporate, retail market, education and home cinema, whatever your needs are as a client, Inhouse AV has the Kramer gear to satisfy them.

Why we use Kramer 

Do we really need to say any more? Whether you need control systems, scalers, range extenders and repeaters or mounting racks and adapters, our Kramer product line is some of the best in the world and can be hired out today. Kramer manufacture products in over 13 different AV categories, they include:

  • Audio
  • Digital signage
  • Switches and routers
  • Distribution amplifiers
  • Cables and connectors
  • Format and standard converts
  • And much more

Kramer Electronics commenced operations in 1981, and the following year manufactured the first PAL video processing unit that had image enhancement and color control. After that, they never looked back. Over the next 3 decades they have gone from strength to strength in the AV industry manufacturing and patenting several products and designs along the way. Now you can find all your favourite Kramer AV equipment at all our stores nationwide, if you would like to know more feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.