LSC Lighting Systems are a brand that specialises in providing quality and reliable lighting solutions to the professional AV world. LSC has a much earned reputation for being innovators and have been awarded many awards within the industry. LSC manufactures high output dimmers, consoles, data distribution equipment and lighting software. All of there products can be found at Inhouse AV and our nationwide stores.

Clarity software 

LSC are one of the few brands in the world that provide our clients with lighting and media control software packages that can be used on PC or Mac computers. The Clarity software provides seamless integration with many pieces of equipment including LED lights, PAR cans, matrix walls, most light staging equipment and even media servers. Clarity can work on most computers and our clients are not required to have a high powered desktop to get the most out of it. Everything can be controlled from one graphical user interface, and is very easy to use.

There’s not many brands that create their own in-house software packages that work in conjunction with hardware, but the Clarity software made by LSC is ideal for clients who need an all in one solution to controlling their lighting and fixtures on a stage or during an event.

Clarity LX console 

Much like the software, LSC have created the world’s first true multimedia console that allows users to control everything from moving lights to audio playback, all from a single device. The Clarity LX console can be found in our stores nationwide and will enable operators to do more work, in less time. Clients who have used our Clarity LX console before have mentioned they have saved as much as 3 hours worth of time thanks to this piece of kit, giving them more time to be creative.

Why we use LSC Lighting Systems 

LSC are an Australian based company based inVictoria,Australia, and Inhouse AV try as much as possible to source all our equipment from local vendors. Not only does this help us reduce costs and environmental impact, but it helps local businesses grow which we think is vital for the future ofAustralia. LSC provide Inhouse AV with equipment in the following categories:

  • Clarity software
  • Various console equipment
  • Dimmers and installation kits
  • Power distribution
  • DeSisti

With over 30 years of experience in creating consumer lighting equipment, LSC have been given many awards in their history, including the “Australian Design Award” for several innovate products. Whether you need lighting software or consoles and data distribution equipment, Inhouse AV has teamed up with LSC to provide our clients with everything they need.