Everything from photography, video, or professional lighting equipment, you needn’t look further than the Manfrotto product line stocked by Inhouse AV. A company that’s known for their versatile and innovate products, Inhouse AV have teamed up with another AV giant to supply all our clients with the very best AV equipment in the world.

Professional lighting 

It can be hard to get the perfect shot without the right lighting equipment or booms, but our Manfrotto lighting gear will overcome any obstacle. We stock various lighting equipment including the Manfrotto LED light Midi-36 Hybrid, that is perfect to use with a compact camera or entry level DSLR. With a 1-hour battery life and 36 individual LEDs inside, makes this piece of  kit a great portable light for taking pictures on the go.

If you need something more professional and high end, we have several top lighting systems that are ideal for small studios, to top-twist lighting equipment that can be hung from ceilings or attached to rails and controlled with motor groups. Everything for a small DSLR to lighting for a huge fashion studio, Inhouse AV has got you covered with our Manfrotto lighting gear.

Video clamps and equipment 

Looking to shoot a short film or documentary but lack the professional equipment? Well our Manfrotto SYMPLA shoulder support system comes fully loaded and will allow you to shoot the best footage possible without any shaking or vibration noise. We stock several tripods ranging from a single leg used for everyday shooting, to the MPRO Single Leg that offers users better protection against ‘blacklash’ effects during the end of certain pan movements.

Finding a brand that provides photo, lighting and video equipment for all budgets and jobs is not an easy task, but Manfrotto has managed to nail it.

Why we use them

Manfrotto helps us achieve our goal of supplying our clients with amazing AV gear that works with their budgets and requirements. Be it a small tripod for a simple shoot, to mounted lighting screens and LED lights for a photo shoot. Aside from their amazing products, Manfrotto support many charities and help people less fortunate with several of their own charitable programs around the world. Manfrotto Also work with closely with scientists and provide their video equipment to help them document the affects of global warming and help spread the word.

Being a successful business is more than just providing great products for consumers to enjoy, it’s also about playing your part to make the world a better place, and Manfrotto are doing a fantastic job on both fronts. With more than 40 years of experience in the camera and lighting industry, we are proud to tell all our clients that we stock some of the best photography equipment in the world, that is the Manfrotto brand.