NEC were one of the first brands involved in the audio visual scene, originally formed way back in 1899. It didn’t take them long to become a well known expert in professional AV, and today they are a Global Fortune 500 company that has more than 100,000 employees and net revenues reaching $36.9 billion according to financial reports in 2012. Acknowledging this, Inhouse AV have teamed up with NEC to provide our clients with all the latest technology they manufacture.

Company values

The NEC mission statement is:

To deliver innovative, tailored, technology solutions through our unique and diverse talent, industry partnerships and customer relationships.”

They do this by listening to the needs of their customers and making the necessary adjustments. Having such a customer focus gives NEC the advantage over lesser brands in providing equipment that meets consumer needs. It’s no wonder they have stood the test of time and continue to be a dominate force in AV. This is something we genuine admire and consider when deciding which brands go on our shelves.

Environmental plans

NEC have implemented their very own environmental management system (EMS) that they use as a benchmark in the creation and distribution of products. TheirEMSsystem has strategies in place for both short and long-term objectives that reduce and minimise the pollution they cause to the environment. Unlike other organisations, NEC train their staff to be able use the best environmental practices while performing job roles. Many consumers don’t realise the environmental impact manufacturing and distributing AV equipment has on the earth, but Inhouse AV feels it’s our duty to ensure we ourselves and the businesses we work with all play their part.

Why we use NEC 

Our clients require everything from professional monitor equipment, high-end projectors and desktop electronics, Inhouse AV doesn’t know a brand better than NEC who are experts in these areas. They also manufacture products in the following categories:

  • Phones and handsets
  • Monitors
  • High-end projectors
  • IP and digital phones
  • Touchscreen solutions
  • Digital cinema
  • And much more

More than a 100 years old, NEC Australia was created in 1969, inVictoria. Today they have more than 1,600 local employees and help deliver ICT solutions and services aroundAustralia. Now our clients can hire and use all NEC equipment that we stock on our shelves, if you want equipment that provides quality, efficiency and easy of use, you needn’t look any further. To know more about our amazing NEC product range, contact us today to find out more.