Soundcraft really cracked the audio visual market after the release of their Series 1, that was the first mixing console that would fit within a flightcase. During the 1970s, the idea of bands and musicians touring was only just beginning, Soundcraft were one of few that saw the need for portable mixing consoles and ended up taking the industry by storm. Inhouse AV has now teamed up with Soundcraft to supply our clients with a wide range of top quality AV equipment from Soundcraft.

Design and innovation                               

Design and innovation are undoubtedly the two finest qualities of Soundcraft, as throughout their history they have produced several industry favoured consoles, they include the Series 4, TS24, 8000, 200b and the Spirit Folio range, most of which you can hire our from all of our nationwide stores. As industry leaders we do our best to keep our clients happy, and that involves our hardworking team constantly sourcing the best equipment they can find, and by building stronger relationships with brands such as Soundcraft.

Soundcraft used at the FIFA World Cup

For the 2014 World Cup hosted inBrazil, several stadiums were fitted with the latest HARMAN range of audio solutions, including several Soundcraft consoles. Soundcraft Si Compact digital consoles were used throughout several stadiums during the event and were considered by audio technicians as ‘the best in the business’. These are types of AV equipment Inhouse AV wishes to stock on its shelves and provide our clients, and it’s an important part to why we have a solid relationship with Soundcraft.

Why we use them 

If being considered innovators and having equipment that’s being used at the grandest sporting stage isn’t enough reason for Inhouse AV to use Soundcraft products, than what is? The brand gives confidence to our clients and all who use Soundcraft, users know they are receiving amazing professional AV equipment that will do exactly what they require it too. Soundcraft produce equipment in an array of categories, they include:

  • Recording & post production
  • Digital consoles
  • Multi purpose consoles
  • Stageboxes
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • And much more

With more than three decades of experience operating in various professional AV industries, Soundcraft by HARMEN are one of the more respected names in the business. Now, you can find all your favourite Soundcraft equipment at Inhouse AV,  whatever you need, we have.