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14 Aug Menzies Hotel Sydney – Corporate Event Lighting

Corporate event lighting has the ability to communicate your company’s, creating an ambience which is consistent with product branding. When booking their large conference package with Inhouse Audiovisual, our client chose blue uplights for their event. Booking their Sydney stage lighting hire for an event at the Menzies Hotel, our client lighting perfectly complemented the colour schemes used in their marketing and branding.

Our large conference package is a comprehensive setup designed for events of 200-400 people, and provides all the essentials of lighting, screen projection and audio setups. Whether you need event lighting hire in Brisbane or Bathurst, our services are available all around Australia and we provide you with the very best quality AV equipment to make your next event shine.

This package includes two 10ftx7ft projection screens and projectors. Providing dual projection either side of the stage, this setup is perfect when your presentation or product launch requires visual aids. Alternatively, you can consult Inhouse Audiovisual about providing an additional event filming service. We can broadcast your presentation directly to the projectors, granting everyone throughout the venue a front-row experience.

The large conference package includes your choice of microphone options, including a lectern and microphone; a handheld microphone, or lapel microphone. A lectern with microphone is a great choice for professional addresses and speeches; speakers can refer to written notes on the lectern, while the included gooseneck microphone is recommended for occasions when a speaker will be mostly stationary.

Handheld microphones are suitable for conferences and outdoor events, as they combine low handling noise with portability. This microphone option includes a microphone with batteries, and a receiver with antennas.
Our most portable microphone option in this package is the lapel microphone. Visually low-profile, a lapel microphone includes a belt pack transmitter and remote receiver. This wireless option gives the speaker freedom of movement, so it’s perfect for more interactive events. To amplify sound, this package includes the use of a four speaker PA system. Speakers can be situated throughout the venue.

 For the stage, we include drape backdrops in your choice of either black velvet or white satin, to coordinate with your aesthetics. Event lighting hire in this package utilises LED multi-par uplights in a range of colours. These lights are programmable and can be coordinated to change in time with music or other cues.

Do you require corporate event lighting services? Take a look at our comprehensive range of event lighting options or speak to us today. We’ll find the best setup for your event needs.  

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