18 Aug Novotel St Kilda and LED Lights

LED lights have the ability to transform your space. At Inhouse Audiovisual we use the best LED multi par lights to provide a professional look and feel for your next event. Available in a wide variety of colour and programming options these lights are versatile and provide great value for your event lighting hire needs. LED lights look stunning against both dark and light backdrops. In a recent event at the St Kilda Novotel we provided corporate event lighting for a client.

The picture above demonstrates the intense colour payoff you receive when using LEDs as uplights, they have the ability to provide focused spotlighting, perfect for a car or product launch when you want to direct an audience’s attention. LED lights can also be diffused for a larger, softer throw of light and colour. They can be set up in any configuration you desire and can be mounted or free-standing depending on your event requirements.

When using LED lights for stage lighting hire they can perform a wide variety of functions. This one product can provide a multitude of atmospheric lighting conditions; in musical and other performances it can enrich the tone of the presentation. The lights can be programmed to change on music or cue points for emphasis and punctuation, or can simply be set to cycle through a variety of lighting options.

Why not combine your Sydney stage lighting hire with some of our additional services? LED lighting looks especially dramatic when combined with our black velvet drape setup. As in the case of the Novotel’s architecture, the brightness of the LED lights picks up the textures in the drape fabric, providing visual interest.

What sets Inhouse Audivisual apart from our competitors is that we can provide a comprehensive range of services from lighting and audio hire right through to event management services. We have over ten years of experience and can cater to events big and small. Our services are available right across Australia, with same day delivery for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

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