Different types of microphones & their uses

Our clients request different microphones for their events, depending on event type and speaker preference.  Below are a list of the most commonly used microphones available for hire in sydney, melbourne, brisbane, adelaide and perth.



Handheld Wired Microphone

Handheld dynamic wired microphones are a great cost effective solution when only a few announcements need to be made throughout the event and the person speaking does not need to be seen.


Wireless Handheld Microphone

The handheld microphone is the most popular mic in most live audio applications, its most common use in corporate environments is for Q&A time where the mic is passed around to members of the audience so that their question can be heard through the PA system.

Lapel Microphone

The Lapel microphone is perfect for when the presenter expects to be moving around stage, or wants to keep their hands free for note taking in a conference. lapel mic

Headset Microphone

Just like the lapel, the wireless headset mic is ideal for use in situations where the presenter requires complete freedom on stage, but with a much higher sound quality output than the lapel microphone. headset mic

Gooseneck Microphone

The gooseneck condenser microphone mounts into a table base plate or into a lectern. It has great sound quality which is perfect for recording or television broadcast.

gooseneck mic


We provide PA Audio Solutions around Australia. For your next event please contact the experienced team at Inhouse Audio Visual for a cost effective quote for any roadshow or one off event you may have.

All microphones are available to hire with PA Audio Packages, available in packages to suit your audience size, venue and budget.

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