Are you Hiring the Correct PA?

When it comes to choosing which PA system to hire for your event, there are a number of factors that can help you get the most out of your audio hire setup.


The Size of the Audience – To make sure your message is communicated clearly to everyone in the room it is vital that you choose the right PA system for your audience. A two speaker PA system is generally a sensible option for audience sizes up to 150 people and extra speakers can be added as the audience size increases.


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The Size and Acoustics of the Venue – Not only will the same PA setup sound different in different locations, but the acoustics and layout of a venue can drastically affect the sound quality. The size of the venue impacts reverberation times and reflected sound, which can be remedied by using the correct audio hire setup.

Walls and other surfaces can result in reflected sound, which muddies the clarity of the original sound. Furthermore, audiences will also effect the acoustics of the space, so it’s important to factor in the size and location of the audience when choosing a PA system and performing a sound check. It’s therefore important to choose the correct location and layout for the PA system to minimize reflected sound.


The Position of the Stage – The location of the stage will naturally affect the position of the microphone. PA speakers should be placed in front of the microphone to minimize the risk of feedback and reflected sound.


The Position of the Speakers – The placement of the speakers is also important in making sure the volume and audio quality is consistent for everyone in the audience. Speakers should be placed in direct line of sight for the audience to ensure they receive direct sound. An audio mixer may also be useful in getting the right audio levels and ensuring a consistent volume and sound quality throughout the venue.

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In terms of microphone hire, it is important to understand what type of speeches will be given at the event, as this will influence which type of microphone will be best suited to the occasion. Different presenters and speakers require different microphone setups so for more information, check out our blog on what type of Microphone do I need?

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