Hiring speakers? Find out where we position them for optimum sound quality

Positioning of the PA System inside a venue plays a very important part in how good the speakers are going to sound. When it comes to placing speakers, our aims are:
1  Keep reflected sound to a minimum (keep it off the walls and other surfaces). By reducing the level of reflected sound, we increase the critical distance, and add to the area in which the original sound is intelligible.
2  Get as much direct sound to the audience as possible. Speakers should be placed so that any audience member has a direct sight line to a speaker.

3  Get the level and the tone as constant as possible throughout the audience. Both overall level and frequency content can affect intelligibility. We don’t want the speaker uncomfortably loud near the stage and impossible to hear or understand near the back wall.
4  Keep direct and reflected sound away from microphones. If you don’t, you make your system more prone to feedback. Even below the feedback threshold, reflected sound or delayed direct sound in the microphones will reduce overall coherence.

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