Tripod Vs Fastfold screen- What’s the difference?

Before booking a projector screen hire, consider the options of a tripod screen or professional fast fold screen.

Tripod Screens suit smaller rooms with a smaller audience and come in two screen sizes, 1.8×1.8 metres or 2.4×2.4 metres.  Tripod screens sit on 3 tripod legs, it is easily transportable and easily setup, therefore making it the more affordable option for smaller audiences.

For a more professional event, Fastfold screen hire is more commonplace as the screen is larger, sturdier and surrounded in black draping. Fast fold screens also allow for front or rear projection, a great space-saving idea in venues where seating is limited.  

Our fastfold screens will give a presentation a professional look and feel, and are suitable for conferences, annual general meetings, product launches, or any event that requires a professional look.

Uluru Tjungu 3 1000
Available in a multitude of sizes to suit any requirements, fastfold screens require 2 technicians to setup as they are setup on a metal truss frame. When hiring a fast fold screen, be sure to check with the venue on their roof height to ensure the fast fold will fit.  Depending on the size, generally the ceiling height needs to be 3.5- 4 metres. For more information about ceiling height click on the Projector Screen hire page.

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