Barco are not a name you hear often in the AV world, unlike their competitors, they spend less time marketing and more time producing world class equipment. Barco’s mission is to offer top quality, user-friendly products to a range of different markets, ranging from corporate offices, defence and aerospace industries. Inhouse AV has teamed up with Barco to supply our clients with everything from 3D sound, video walls and high-end digital cinema equipment.

3D sound with 11.1 sound systems 

Everybody from film directors to corporations putting on exhibitions are trying to get their hands on the newest 3D 11.1 sound system. These speakers provide the most natural sound your audience will ever here. For presentations or films that require more than the typical 5.1 surround sound, contact us today and see what our very own Barco equipment range can do to transform your film or presentation into something truly remarkable.

Barco going green strategy 

Not a lot of people know this, but creating consumer electronics requires the use of many precious metals, some of which are becoming increasingly hard to obtain. Barco have created their own environmental procedure that aims to keep wastage to a minimum and to recycle whenever possible. Barco also enforces a strict health and safety guideline that all employees must follow to minimise risks at the workplace. Inhouse AV doesn’t only look at the quality of products our suppliers provide, but everything else that goes into running a business the right way. Every business has a role to play in keeping our planet green, and we are always supportive when we see other AV brands such as Barco doing their part.

Why we use Barco 

Barco produces some of the best AV equipment around, they are masters in 3D sound and have a great understanding for simulation & virtual reality based equipment. Our clients needs vary, but whatever they want, we will have. How else would we be the industry leader In hiring out AV toAustralia? Barco are experts in many niche AV industries, such as:

  • AV Streaming
  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive patient care
  • 3D sound
  • Video walls
  • Visual display systems

These smaller niches are not easy to crack, but Barco have managed to do it with ease. Inhouse AV wants to be the number one AV provider, be it for LED TVs, 3D sound or the newest video walls. This can only be achieved if we search long and hard for brands like Barco, and build strong relationships.

Barco operate primarily in the display technology industry, and were founded in 1934. Their products can be found in military, corporate and the entertainment industry. If you would like to know more about our Barco product range, give us a call today and we will be more than happy to help.