Inhouse AV stocks a wide range of mixing consoles, loudspeakers, and various digital recording equipment that we hire out on a regular basis. We have our own testing and quality control procedure to make sure only the best equipment comes through our doors, with the Mackie brand being one of the select few. Along with passing our ever increasingly high standards, the brand has a plethora of well respected products that are suitable for any event. Whether you need a small 8’ two-way powered speaker for a small house party, or a 15’dual high-definition loudspeaker for a club or disco, our range of Mackie equipment can take care of any job, regardless of the size.

Outdoor events and festivals

Everything from beach parties to outdoor events, concerts and festivals, our Mackie equipment range provides our clients with the gear they require. For example, our 18’ Mackie SRM 1600W powered subwoofer is packed with 1600W of power, loud enough to be heard for miles! The specialised subwoofer comes with various input and output channels, as we know our clients use everything from Mac laptops, to tablet computers. We ensure that all products on our shelves are cross-functional and can be used with most common devices to allow full flexibility for our clients.

Recording your very own song or album 

Are you a start-up band wanting to record your first album? Looking to use the best digital recording equipment out there but can’t afford it? Well you’re in luck, our Mackie recording mixers, studio speakers and subwoofers are the best in the business, and extremely affordable. Our Mackie range is big enough to cater for any budget, and we can tailor the right package for your bands needs. When clients hire the Mackie brand from Inhouse AV, they hire with confidence. We only hire out the best, allowing clients to solely focus on creating making music and not worrying if the equipment will be up to par.

Why we use Mackie 

The Mackie brand is apart of the bigger LOUD Technologies inc, who are currently one of the largest companies in the world operating in the pro audio industry. They are a brand who clearly have a passion for what they do, and Inhouse AV recognises that in each and every Mackie product we stock. Their products do exactly what they say on the box, and always exceed the expectations of our cliental.

With the Mackie brand visible all over the world, in various shopping malls, sports stadium, nightclubs and musical concerts, Inhouse AV could not be the brand leader it is today in hiring out AV equipment to the nation without supplying clients with the Mackie brand. We have been stocking their audio equipment and accessories for years, and haven’t yet heard a single complaint yet.