You can walk into any home, office or complex and you won’t need to look too long before you see the Panasonic logo. Masters in electronics, Panasonic are one of the few elite brands Inhouse AV deals with on a daily basis. We supply our cliental with everything from LED whiteboard monitors for their boardrooms, to camcorders and speakers. Pioneers in AV, Panasonic have built a solid reputation for being at the top of their game. We are glad to tell all our clients that we work very closely with Panasonic, to bring them the best gear we can get our hands on.

Future whiteboard technology 

With many businesses having office locations spread all over the world, there’s never been a greater need for video conferencing and virtual meetings than now. We stock the TH-80LFB70W, the latest Panasonic LED whiteboard that allows our clients do everything from send emails, to annotate over external pictures and videos on-screen. Inhouse AV understands the needs our clients have for the latest boardroom equipment to run productive meetings that allow for full flexibility irrespective of location. Using the Panasonic brand, we can supply our clients with what they need to run their businesses most effectively.

Equipment for any business or homeowner 

From power tools, TVs and office equipment, to professional AV setups and security solutions, our Panasonic range is targeted for larger corporations, smaller businesses, and even homeowners. There’s no customer too big or too small at Inhouse AV, the Panasonic range lets Inhouse AV stock equipment for any occasion. Whether that’s a one day hire of a LED TV, or a weeks use of professional AV equipment for a nationwide conference or tradeshow.

Why we use Panasonic? 

Just like Nike, BMW or Apple, when you see the Panasonic logo, you know you’re going to get a certain quality of product. Each item that we hold goes through our thorough testing and review procedure, and we have yet to reject a product sent to us by Panasonic. The brand is one of the few major players in the AV world that boast a wide range of products from a board spectrum of categories. They include:

  • Air conditioners
  • Imaging equipment
  • Audio speakers
  • Players and recorders
  • Solar, lighting and batteries
  • Office equipment
  • Computers and tablets
  • Eco solutions
  • Display solutions
  • And much more

Without working so closely with Panasonic, Inhouse AV would not be the nationwide leader in hiring out AV gear to Australia that it is today.

With more than nine decades of experience, Panasonic is truly a living legend within the AV world. There products can be seen in restaurants, offices and in most homes throughout the world. As lovers of AV and leaders of AV technology, we only want to pass the best onto our clients, and by working alongside Panasonic, we make that happen.