At Inhouse AV, when it comes to hiring out audio or visual gear, we only stock the most trusted brands within the industry. Radial are a global leader when it comes to audio products, and have some of the best and most reputable devices on the market. We don’t settle for second best when it comes to selecting out our audio equipment, we know what our customers want, and we know how to deliver!

For the studio or the concert halls

From musicians, bands, and concert organisers, Inhouse AV is your one-stop shop when hiring out equipment that provides crystal clear sound that doesn’t give you noise distortion or buzzing vibrations during show time. We use several Radical products including the JDI duplex stereo direct box, that can be used to handle two different stereo sources at once, and be operated in conjunction with an array of multimedia systems including iPods and laptops.

Our customer feedback and client demands are not fallen on deaf ears, Inhouse AV does everything in its power to source the best possible products on the market. After much demand from our clients, we got our hands on the Radial Cherry Picker. A product known for being one of the best tools to improve efficiency and sound when vocal artists are trying to match the best preamp to a specific microphone for a track.

Take your sound to the next level 

There is nothing worse than performing at an event with sub-par equipment that doesn’t sound the part. This is a something our clients never face when hiring out our products. We do our own research and testing before we stock or hire out our Radial based equipment to our clients. Everything from cables, splitters, interfaces, switches and passive DI equipment are tried and tested to ensure they stand up to our elevated standards. Worrying about the quality of your equipment come the big day has become a thing of the past when you use Inhouse AV.

Inhouse AV have been hiring out equipment for as long as we can remember, we have many musicians and bands who we work with very closely. With their constant feedback, we are always tweaking our product ranges with only the best of the best touching our shelves. Over the years, Radial products have been held in high regard not only by our clients, but famous artists and bands such as Tom Petty, SoundGarden, and Billy Idol. Whether you need to add effects to a soundtrack or need to polish up the sound quality on your latest demo track, just contact us today at Inhouse AV and see what we can do for you.